Precious Treasure Set Menu

Chef prepares the new Precious Treasure Set by using the extravagant dried seafood, namely abalone, sea cucumber, fish maw and shark’s fin.

Relish the lavish taste!

This menu is available from 17 Dec 2020. Enjoy 2-hour free flow drinks package at $268/per person upon consumption of above set menu!



Classic Huaiyang Afternoon Tea Set

10 Shanghai’s Classic Huaiyang Afternoon Tea Set offers up a unique array of high-quality Chinese specialities, including 6 delicious chilled appetizers, Crispy Smoked Baby Squab, sweet and savoury dim sum quartet, 2 bowls of Shanghainese Noodles and nourishing drinks. 

Classic Huaiyang Afternoon Tea Set is at $338 for two persons

Available daily 3pm - 5pm (last order: 4:30pm)


Crispy Squab Dim Sum Set

Great news to all squab-lovers!

The Crispy Squab Dim Sum Set returns and features our Signature Deep-fried Smoked Squab and nourishing Buddha Jumps Over the Wall

The offer of Crispy Squab Dim Sum Set is applicable to 3pm - 5pm (last order 4:30pm)